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To achieve this objective, the commitments of our company are:

  • Understand that the purpose of our effort is to satisfy 100% the quality, cost and time requirements of our clients, based on the specific characteristics of each project.

  • Create a partnership and strategic alliance with our clients and suppliers to achieve true teamwork between all parties involved in a project.

  • Assign human and technical resources, so that the company can be managed more efficiently, to guarantee the quality of our services to our clients.

  • Define goals and objectives for each person on our work team, to create an environment that fosters excellence in our work and our lives.

  • Maintain an organized structure that allows each person on our team to know the importance of their role in the company.

  • Always work with an action plan in each activity of our company.

  • Invest in all levels of training and education to constantly increase the capabilities of our work team.

  • Measure and evaluate the execution of our work with an open mind to change, for continuous perfection.


At INTEGRA IM, we offer engineering and construction solutions for fluid conduction systems, in their different applications, creating additional value that exceeds the quality and efficiency expectations of our customers. The total satisfaction of our clients will motivate us to continue working in an environment that encourages the constant improvement of our processes and the skills of our staff.

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